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Easy Compliance Help - Skip an Activity in a Service

Sometimes, the clients may not require all the activities available for a Service. The client may need only selected activities.

In this section, the steps to mark activities as skipped activities is explained. These activities will be disabled.

Please note that you may enable the skipped activities any time by re-opening them. This is explained in the section Re-open Activities

Skip Activity in a Service

To skip an activity which is a part of a service, click Skip Activity in Service/Work menu.

Skip Activity menu

On the page that opens, you can see the list of activities for the Ongoing Services.

Skip Activity list

Click Filter List to filter by Client, Service Code and Month.

Skip Activity Filter list

Click the Activity Action button to view the Activity list for the selected Service.

Skip Activity action button

Click the Skip action button to skip the activity.

Enter Remarks in Skip Activity Details Entry

Enter Remarks and Save details of the activity.

Skip Activity