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Easy Compliance Help - Service Creation

In Service Master, you can add Services offered in your organisation. Every service may have activities and each activity includes a checklist of tasks to be done. All these can be created in the Service Master in Masters menu.

Service Master

To create a new Service, in Masters, click Service Master.

Service Master menu

In the page that opens, click New to create a new service.

Enter the Service Code and Description. Select if the service is Periodic or License Type.

Select if you want to track the statuses of Service, Activity or Subtask in the dropdown.

If you choose to track the status of Service, you can choose the Service Done by in the dropdown, by selecting the appropriate role.

If the Work Entry is Datewise, check the Is Work Entry Datewise? box, and you can enter work details on completion date instead of daily.

Select the Status and Web link.

Service Master form

If the service is periodic, select the Periodicity.

Service Master-Periodicity dropdown

Enter Periodicity Details of the Service. For instance, If the service is a monthly service, select the Start Day 1. In case the service occurs more than once in the month, you can select the other start date in Start Day 2. Select the Start Month and Due Date in Due on. Select the No. of Months to Process allowed for processing the service and then Click Save to save the Service details.

Service Master

An additional button Auto Create will help you to add services automatically which is predefined in the Auto Service Creation form. So if you need to have those services present in that form, just click on Auto Create button which will redirect to Auto Service Creation form and you can add services present in that form to Service Master directly.

Service Master Auto creation form

Select the checkbox of your desired service in the list and select Done By and click on the Save button. The selected services are reflected in Service Master form.

Add Activity

After creating the service, you can add activities to the service. This action is available only if you have chosen Activity in Track Status at the time of creating the service.

To add activities to the services, click the Activity Action for the Service.

Activity icon in grid

In the page that opens, enter Activity Particulars and Details.

Activity Master page

Select Activity Type and if a checklist is needed, check the box Is Checklist Applicable?

Activity Master checklist option

Select the Role in Done By, which refers to the person who will be responsible for carrying out the Activity.

If the activity is an Email Activity, you can add a Script Template.

Click Save to save the activity.

Activity Master options

Add Checklist

After creating an activity, you can add a checklist. This action is enabled only if Is Checklist Applicable? is checked at the time of Activity Creation.

Activity Master checklist icon

To add a checklist to an activity, click the Checklist Action button. In the page that opens, enter the Heading and select Format Type as Attachment or Text.

Checklist Master

If the format is an attachment, you can add the Attachment here. You need to Upload .csv/.pdf/.doc/.docx/.xls/.xlsx/.png/.jpg file extension with valid data.

If you select the Format of the checklist as Text, enter the Description of the task to be done.

Click Save to save the checklist.

Checklist Master Attachment Format Type