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Easy Compliance Help - Service Billing

In Easy Compliance, you can manage your firm's billing process through Billing Plugin.

If you manage your billing through the Billing Plugin, then, you can directly link client bills in Easy Compliance to Bills generated in Billing Application and update billing status from Easy Compliance, and this will be directly reflected in the billing application.

Set Billing Status

To connect Easy Compliance with the Billing Application, you need to enable billing settings.

Settings menu

To do this, in Settings, check theComplete Billing checkbox and save the settings.


To set the billing status, in Utilities, click Set Billing Status.

Set Billing Status menu

On the page that opens, you can see the Billable Services.

Set Billing Status form

If the service is already billed, Check the box in the row for the service you want to mark as billed. You can mark multiple services as billed at once.

Set Billing Status select option

To link to the bill, click the Link to Bill No. button.

Link to Bill button

In the pop-up menu that opens, select the Bill number and click Save.

Link to Bill window