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Easy Compliance Help - Send Email

Sending Email may be a part of an activity or checklist and is required if you need to send emails to clients requesting for information, to confirm details of the data processed, or to send regular intimations.

In this section, the steps to configure and perform Send Email Activity is explained.

Set Activity Type as Email

Email may be an activity as a part of a service.

To send email as a part of a service, open Service Master in Masters menu.

Service Master menu

On the page that opens, open the Activity Master for a service, by clicking the Activity action button.

Activity Details Entry, Activity Master

In the page that opens, if you want to send Sending Email as an activity, select Activity Type as Email.

Activity Type- Email

Select the Email Template and Save the details.

Activity Type- Email template

Send Email Activity

To perform the Send Email Activity while processing services, in the Service/Work menu, click Send Email.

Send Email Menu

On the page that opens, you can see a list of client email activities that have to be performed periodically.

Click Filter List and select Client and Month, and click List.

Email/SMS activities for the selected month

The list of Email/SMS activities for the selected month will be shown.

Check the activity

Check the activity and click Send Email/SMS, and click OK.

Email/SMS will be Sent

Email/SMS will be sent.