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Easy Compliance Help - Role Configuration

Easy compliance is a highly flexible application. You can create and configure roles to suit the structure of your organisation and allocate permissions to the desired forms as per to your choice.

First, create Roles and then map the forms to the roles as desired. Then, you can configure dashboards for the created roles.

Role Master

To create Roles, in Settings, click Role and then click Role Master.

Master in Easy Compliance

On the page that opens, enter the Role Name and select whether the Role Type is Employee or Client.

Dashboard Configuration

In the Role Master, Select the desired Default Dashboard which will appear when the user logs in. Click Save.

Role Master form in Easy Compliance

In addition to this, you can also configure specific dashboards to the roles. To allocate Additional dashboards, click Dashboards Action for the desired Role.

Dashboard action button

On the page that opens, select the additional dashboards you want to allocate to the Role, and click Save and then Save the Role Master details.

Role Form Mapping in Easy Compliance

You can Edit or Delete the Role details by selecting the respective action button for the role.

Edit/Delete action button

Role Form Mapping

After Roles are created, you can choose the set of screens that can be allocated to the respective role.

To set the permissions, in Role sub-menu in Settings, click Role Mapping.

Role Form Mapping menu in Easy Compliance

On the page that opens, select the Role and click Form Mapping.

Role Form Mapping action button

The Role Form Mapping page opens. Select the Role and click Add button.

Role Form Mapping

Based on the role functionality, select the Form Group.

Role Form Mapping-Group

The Forms that belong to the selected group will be shown. Check the respective box to select the desired forms. Then click Add . If you want to allow permission to all the screens, check the Select All box.

Form Mapping

Set View, Save andDelete and other permissions as desired. Then click Save.

Role Form Mapping form