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Easy Compliance Help - One-Time Activity Configuration

One-time Activity is a service that is done once, and not periodic in nature. The process of Adding a One-time Activity with quick client addition is explained in this section.

Add One-time Service

You can add one-time service in Service Master. This process is explained in detail in the previous help topic.

Edit One-Time Service

To edit one-time service details, click the Edit action button. In the page that opens, you can edit one-time activity details.

Edit option

For an already existing client, select Client, and enter the Activity Date.

Enter Service Name, Description and Remarks.

Edit option window

At the time of creation, the one-time service can be assigned to an employee, or the option of assigning can be kept open, and assignment can be done some other time.

Select Service Date, Due Date, Estimated Hrs. Select Is Billable? if applicable, enter Billable Amount and Click Save and Close to save the Service details.

Details of one time service of a client

To add a new service to a client, click New button.

New button to assign one time service

The window that opens, enter all the details as the same as the edit page mentioned above.