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Easy Compliance Help - Manage Expenses & Reimbursements

In Easy Compliance, you can manage client Expenses and Reimbursements such as expenses incurred for a client and details of the reimbursements claimed. You can view pending reimbursements easily and add to the client an outstanding amount.

Enter Client Expenses

To enter client expenses, in the Utilities menu, click Expense & Reimbursement Entry.

Expense and Reimbursement Entry menu

On the page that opens, click Create New Expense.

Create New Expense button

On the page that opens, enter the Expense Details. SelectService, Client,Expense Date and Enter Expense Amount,Description, Employee Name and Remarks and Save the details.

Create New Expense Form

Enter Reimbursement Details

When the client reimburses expenses, you can enter the details by clicking the Expense Reimbursement (Reimb.) action button.

Select the Date and employee name in Entered By. Enter the Reimbursed Amount and Remarks and Save the details.

Reimbursement Form

Search Reimbursements

You can search Reimbursements by selecting Client,Service, Employee orReimbursement Date and click on List.

Reimbursement search

View Pending Reimbursements

To view pending reimbursements, in Reports, click Pending Reimbursements.

Pending Reimbursement Menu

In the page that opens, select Client Name and click List to view the Pending Reimbursements.

Pending Reimbursement Form