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Easy Compliance Help - Employee Work Entry

Employees can log in through his/her credentials, and upon successful login, the employee can view the Employee Dashboard.

Employees Login, Employee Work Entry, Easy Compliance Help

Employee Activity Dashboard

In the employee activity dashboard, the employee can view the list of activities assigned to him and their statuses. The employee can perform the following functions.

  1. Request Service
  2. Request One-Time Activity
  3. View Service History
  4. Update Checklist
  5. Transfer Activity
  6. Change Status
  7. Do Work Entry related to an Activity

You can filter activities by Client and Month for ease of use.

Employee Dashboard

Employee can also update Daily Work Entry through the Dashboard.

Work Details Entry

To update Work Details, in the Activity Dashboard, click Work Details.

In the page that opens, the Entry Summary and the present days' work details (Today's Work Details) can be seen.

To enter work details, click Update Work Details.

Employee Dashboard-work details

In the page that opens, select Work Type,Client, Service,Worked Date, Spend Hours,Employee and enter Description. Click Save to update the work details.

Employee Dashboard-New Work details