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Easy Compliance Help - Employee Creation

Easy Compliance users can be created by the Admin, through Employee Master.

Employee Master

To create an Employee user, in Masters, click Employee.

Employee menu

On the page that opens, click New.

New button

Again, in the page that opens, you can add newEmployee Details, Personal Info and Bank Details.

Enter Employee No. and Name.

Employee Entry Details

On the Employee DetailsTab, enter Join Date. SelectDesignation, Department,Gender and Date ofBirth. Enter MobileNumbers. Select Approver and Blood Group.

Employee form

Next, enter the Login Details of the Employee. To allocate a Main Role to the employee, select Main Role, and enter the Email Id and Password. Using the details entered here, the employee will be able to login to the application.

Employee form- Details

Next, enter the employee's personal information by clicking on Personal Info Tab.

Enter details of Local and Permanent Addresses.

Employee's Personel Records Entry

Select Marital Status, and enter the name of the Spouse and Children if applicable. Enter the names of employee's Father and Mother for the personel records.

Employee form-Personal info

On the Bank Details Tab, enter Bank Account No, IFSC code,Bank and Branch Name and MICR code. If any other employee details need to be noted, you can enter it in About Employee. Click Save to save the employee details.

Employee form-Bank Details

The details of the new employee will be seen in Employee Master.

Employee Role Mapping

You can allocate Additional Roles to employees. To do so, in Employee Master Page, click Roles action in the Employee Row.

Employee form-Roles

On the page that opens, select the additional roles and click Save.

Employee form- Roles allotment

Employee Edit/Activate/Deactivate

To edit employee details, select the Edit action button and update employee details on the page that opens.

Employee form-Edit/Delete option

To Activate/Deactivate employee, click the respective action button to set the status.

Activate/Deactivate icon