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Easy Compliance Help - Activity Reschedule

In this section, the steps to reschedule an activity that is delayed from its scheduled time is explained.

View Activity Status

In the Activity Dashboard, the status of various scheduled activities can be seen.

Activity Dashboard

To view Activity status, of different activities, click Filter List. Select Client, Status, Month and click List to view the status of selected activities.

Activity Dashboard filter list

To change the status of an activity to Incomplete (due to various reasons), click Change Status.

Reject Service, Activity Rescheduled

On the window that opens, select Status as Incomplete and enter reason in Remarks. This activity can be rescheduled at an appropriate time.

Activity Dashboard-Change status

In order to enter the other work details, click on Other Work Details button, in the window that opens, select Worked Date, Employee, enterSpent Hours, Description and click on Save.

Reschedule of activity

Reschedule Activity

To see Rescheduled Activity, in Activity Dashboard, click Reschedule Activity in Service/work menu.

Other Work Details from

On the page that opens, click the Postpone button. SelectEmployee Name, Postponement Date and Remarks, and click Save.

Reschedule Activity menu