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Easy Compliance Help - Client Service Configuration

In this section, the process of configuring Client's Services is explained.

After the Client Master is created and client details are updated, you can configure client services and assign employees to perform activities associated with the service.

You can add Multiple Services to a client through Bulk Client Service Assign, or Multiple Clients to a service by Bulk Service Configuration. Once this is done, you can edit details of the service individually, if required.

Bulk Service Configuration

To assign services to a client, in the Client and Settings menu, click Bulk Service Assign.

Bulk Service Assign Menu

On the page that opens, select the Client whose services you want to configure and select the Start Month and Year if required. A list of services available and their periodicity, and license details for License Services will be shown.

Bulk Service Assign Form

To configure the services to the client, check the relevant box in theApplicable column, against the service, and click Save.

Bulk Service Assign Applicable checkbox

If you want to apply all the services to the selected client, check the box Select All and click Save.

Bulk Service Assign Select All checkbox

Bulk Client Assign

To assign multiple clients to a service, in theClient and Settings menu, click Bulk Client Assign.

Bulk Client Assign Menu

On the page that opens, select the Service for which multiple clients need to be assigned. For that select theService, enter Start Month/ Year and also End Month/Year if required.

Bulk Client Assign Form

By selecting the Service, the Code, Description, Periodicity, Due On are automatically updated defaultly (Entered in Service Master).

In order to add billable Amount if required check theIs Billable checkbox and enterBillable Amount and click Next to select Clients for that particular Service.

Bulk Client Assign-Is billable checkbox

If Is Billable is unchecked then Billable Amount is disabled.

By Clicking Next button, the list of clients is displayed on the left of the page. Select the clients you want to assign to the particular service and click on the Add button and click on Save.

Assign Particular Service, Client Service Configuration

In order to select all the clients click on the Add All button.

Bulk Client Assign-client selection

To deselect the selected clients, click this button. 1st one will remove clients one by one and the 2nd button will remove all the clients at a time.

Bulk Client Assign-client remove

View Client Services

To view services configured to the clients, in theClient & Settings menu, click Service Configuration.

Service Configuration menu

On the page that opens, you can see the Client Service Configuration List.

Service Configuration form

To view specific client services, click the expandable FilterList button. Select the Client and Service.

Service Configuration- Filter

Edit Client Service Details

Click the Edit Action button to edit details of services.

Service Configuration- Edit option

Enter Services details such as ServiceStart Month and Year and Service End Month and Year.

Client Service Configuration form

If the service is of License type, select License No.,License Date, Expiry Date and Set Reminder.

Client Service Configuration-License details

Enter User Id and Password of the compliance website, for Payment Services.

If the service is Billable, check the box Is Billable? and enter the Billable Amount.

Note: Billable Amount is based on Service Periodicity.

For instance, if the service is Quarterly, the billable amount is the amount applicable for the Quarter. Similarly, if the service is Monthly, the billable amount is the amount applicable for the Month.

To automatically assign the service to a user, select the Role inAuto Assign To. and enter Estimated Hours.

Click Save to save the Client-Service details.

Client Service Configuration-Is Billable checklist