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Easy Compliance Help - Client Creation

In the Client Master, you can add your business clients whose services are managed by you.

Clients can be added in the Client Master in Client & Settings menu.

Client Master - Add New Client

To add a new Client, in Client & Settings, click Client Master.

Client Master menu

On the page that opens, click the New button to add new client details.

Client Master-New button

On the page that opens, enter the Client's Company Name. Enter contact details - Addresses, selectState, Place and enterPin Code, Email Id,Website, Phone number and FAX.

Establishment Date, Client's Company Name Details

In Other Details, select Active From Month and Year and enter the Establishment Date.

Client Master form

If GST is Applicable, check the box and in case UIN is applicable, select the option.

Client Master GST checkbox

If applicable, you can enter the GSTIN/UIN and verify it by clicking the Validate button.

Client Master GST validate button

Enter GSTIN Date and select theGST Category, PAN, PAN Date. Click Save and Close to save the client company details.

Client Master

Enter other statutory details - Enter the company TAN andTAN Date, PF, TIN, ESI and RCN numbers.

Client Master-statutory details

After adding all the client details, click Save and Close.

Import Clients

You can import clients at once, by adding client details in an excel template.

To add client details to an excel template, click Import Client button.

Client Master-Import Client button

In the pop up window that is shown, clickDownload Template to download the Client Import Template. Enter client details in this file and save it.

Client Master-Import Client template button

To Import the list of clients, along with their details at once, click theImport Client button, and then click Choose File.

Client Master-Import Client Choose File button

Select the Client Import file in which you have added client details and click Import to import the client list at once.

Client Master-Import button

Client Contacts

To update Client Contacts, click User/Contact action button.

Client Master-User/contact button

In the Page that opens, enter Contact Name,Designation, Email Ids and Phone numbers.

and click Save.

Client Master-User/Contact Details

Import Client Contacts

You can import Client Contacts in the same way as you have imported Clients, by clicking the Import Contacts button.

Client Master-Import Contacts button

Client Login

You can provide access to the application to the client by creating Client Login.

To create client login, select Yes in Login Required, otherwise, select No.

Select Role, enter Password and if you want to Show Service Credentials, check the box.

Client Master-User Login radio button

To send user credentials to the client user, click the Send User Credential Email action button. An email with credentials will be sent to the client.

Client Master-Send User Credential Email action button

Client Edit/Activate/Deactivate/Delete

To edit Client details, select the Edit action button and update client company details.

Edit option

To Activate/Deactivate the client, click the respective action button to set the status.

Activate/Deactivate option

To Delete the client, click the respective action button.

Delete option

Access Client Payroll

You can access client Payroll by clicking the Payroll Action Button.

Payroll option

On clicking this button, the Payroll application plugin will open.

Payroll Screen

If payroll is newly created click on Create Payroll and the screen that opens has 2 options and you can choose either of them and click Save. Than you can go to payroll plugin.

Payroll Type option

When there is a large number of clients, this feature is very useful to search and list clients.

To search, enter the criteria in the client search box provided, and click Search.

Client data search

Advance Client Filter

Using the Advanced Client Filter, you can search clients based on specific criteria suchas Company Name, Group, Phone Number, Place, Email Id orArea. Select the criteria to search and click List to perform the search.

Advance Client data search