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Easy Compliance Help - Activity Processing

In this section, the steps to process an activity in a service are explained.

Activity Dashboard

When a service activity is assigned to an employee, this activity is seen in the respective employee's Activity Dashboard. Here, the employee can view Activity History, Update Checklist, Change Status, View History or even do Work Entry related to the activity.

Activity Dashboard

Checklist Update

To process an activity, in case a checklist is attached to an activity, the tasks in the checklist should be performed and the checklist should be updated.

To process a checklist, in the Activity Dashboard, click the Check List action button.

Checklist Action Button

In the window that opens, you can see the list of checklists created for that particular service, so that you can edit the existing checklist by attaching a document and entering the Description to it and click Save.

Checklist List for the Service


The stages of activity processing can be seen in History. Click the History button to view the status changes done.

History action button


Change Status

To change the status of an activity, click the Change Status button. In the pop-up window that opens, Select Status and enter Spent Hours, and Remarks to update, and click Save.

Change Status Page